MNC in KNP workshop


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  1. Key advocacy messages adopted by KNP+ :
    The Karnataka network of positive people has appealed to all the Govt agencies to formulate new policy and programmes to eradicate existing stigma discrimination at work places, families, education institutions across the State.
    The KNP + workshop which was held in FMC centre recently for three days has listed down nine major key advocacy issues after the through deliberation and discussions urged the Govt agencies, NGO’s and other support groups to help and support them in order to achieve its vision, mission statements and to overcome the challenges they face in day today routine works to lead dignified and peaceful life.
    The participants who had come from across the State have listed down the core advocacy issues as follows.
    1. Care and support: Advocacy message:- Good health care facilities required for HIV positives to lead normal healthy life like others.
    2. Treatment: Advocacy message:- More than 15 percent out of 30 thousand HIV positives who are registered with KNP + network in Karnataka have reached the second stage ART. To make them live normal life they have to be provided with second stage ART treatment free of cost in order to avoid and control opportunistic infections with the nutritious food.
    3. GIPA: Advocacy message:-Creating job opportunities for positive people so that they lead dignified life in the society. Make them participate in many more mainstream programmes so that they can become good resource persons in the networks as well as in the society.
    4. Marginalized groups (MSM, transgender, sex workers) :- There is increase in number of atrocity, rape and murder cases on sexual minorities, mental torture on marginalized groups and filing false cases on them, sexual exploitation by rowdies is also increased. Key advocacy message: – The agencies and networks should create better awareness among bureaucrats especially for police officers by sensitizing them and launching social awareness programmes the marginalized groups can be brought to the mainstream. In this regard a mammoth rally should be organized to raise our voice of concern followed by a memorandum should be submitted to Govt agencies appealing them to help the marginalized group.
    5. Stigma discrimination in the society: Advocacy message: Better social awareness programmes should be formulated to bring HIV positives to the mainstream by creating better awareness in the society especially in the families, at hospitals and education institutions by using different tools of awareness method to make them receive positives as one among them.
    6. Orphaned and vulnerable children: Those HIV positives children who have been deprived of basic education, nutritious food, treatment, accommodation, love and affection. Advocacy message: For the comprehensive development of OVC’s, KNP + should submit memorandum to all Govt agencies especially to the Health and Chief Minister for a suitable action in this regard.
    7. Work place policy: At work places positives identification confidentiality is not maintained by managements. Due to this stigma discrimination increases at work places. Colleagues won’t sit, talk and eat with the positives. They will be isolated at work places, later they would be thrown out of their jobs. Key advocacy message: A state wide campaign has to be launched with the help of KASPS, KHPT, NACO, ILO, FKCCI, INSA, PSI, CII, INP, FICCI, Labour Department to bring changes in the industrial policies so that better atmosphere can be created at the work places. So that they get the job guarantee.
    8. Positive prevention: To delay the progression of HIV, avoid the STI infections and avoid the spreading of HIV to others. Advocacy message: Along with state agencies KNP+ itself has to create more awareness among HIV positives to have self deterrence and to use preventive methods.
    9. Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS: Bill has been drafted in 2002 in this regard but yet to be tabled in the Parliament. Advocacy message: Just to put pressure on Govt to enact law as early as possible KNP+ urges the lawyers collective, INP+ and national coalition should work collectively. KNP network further urges that the enacted bill should have provisions to punish the discriminators. The law should make it mandatory to private and govt
    hospitals to treat HIV positives like others.

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