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It is the costliest place in the world. All hollywood stars comes here for shopping, dining and pass time. The shopping complexes here are so costly that ordinary people can’t afford to buy any items. All the hollywood star owns property in Beverly hills. Owing property here is a prestige issue here. Starting from Arnold to Anjelina jolie living here. In the past  the follwoing award winning stars lived here.


  27/28 Emil Jannings, THE LAST COMMAND
28/29 Warner Baxter, IN OLD ARIZONA
29/30 George Arliss, DISRAELI
30/31 Lionel Barrymore, A FREE SOUL
31/32 (TIE)…Wallace Beery, and Fredric March,
32/33 Charles Laughton, THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII
1935 Victor McLaglen, THE INFORMER
1938 Spencer Tracy, BOY’S TOWN
1939 Robert Donat, GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS


  1940 James Stewart, THE PHILADELPHIA STORY
1941 Gary Cooper, SERGEANT YORK
1942 James Cagney, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY
1943 Paul Lukas, WATCH ON THE RHINE
1944 Bing Crosby, GOING MY WAY
1945 Ray Milland, THE LOST WEEKEND
1947 Ronald Colman, A DOUBLE LIFE
1948 Laurence Olivier, HAMLET
1949 Broderick Crawford, ALL THE KINGS MEN


  1950 Jose Ferrer, CYRANO DE BERGERAC
1951 Humphrey Bogart, THE AFRICAN QUEEN
1952 Gary Cooper, HIGH NOON
1953 William Holden, STALAG 17
1954 Marlon Brando, ON THE WATERFRONT
1955 Ernest Borgnine, MARTY
1956 Yul Brynner, THE KING AND I
1958 David Niven, SEPARATE TABLES
1959 Charlton Heston, BEN-HUR


  1960 Burt Lancaster, ELMER GANTRY
1961 Maximilian Schell, JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG
1962 Gregory Peck, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
1963 Sidney Poitier, LILIES OF THE FIELD
1964 Rex Harrison, MY FAIR LADY
1965 Lee Marvin, CAT BALLOU
1966 Paul Scofield, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS
1967 Rod Steiger, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT
1968 Cliff Robertson, CHARLY
1969 John Wayne, TRUE GRIT


  1970 George C. Scott, PATTON
1972 Marlon Brando, THE GODFATHER
1973 Jack Lemmon, SAVE THE TIGER
1974 Art Carney, HARRY AND TONTO
1976 Peter Finch, NETWORK
1977 Richard Dreyfuss, THE GOODBYE GIRL
1978 Jon Voight, COMING HOME
1979 Dustin Hoffman, KRAMER VS. KRAMER


  1980 Robert De Niro, RAGING BULL
1981 Henry Fonda, ON GOLDEN POND
1982 Ben Kingsley, GANDHI
1983 Robert Duvall, TENDER MERCIES
1984 F. Murray Abraham, AMADEUS
1986 Paul Newman, THE COLOR OF MONEY
1987 Michael Douglas, WALL STREET
1988 Dustin Hoffman, RAIN MAN
1989 Daniel Day-Lewis, MY LEFT FOOT


  1990 Jeremy Irons, REVERSAL OF FUTUNE
1991 Anthony Hopkins, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS
1992 Al Pacino, SCENT OF A WOMAN
1993 Tom Hanks, PHILADELPHIA
1994 Tom Hanks, FORREST GUMP
1995 Nicolas Cage, LEAVING LAS VEGAS
1996 Geoffrey Rush, SHINE
1997 Jack Nicholson, AS GOOD AS IT GETS
1998 Roberto Benigni, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL
1999 Kevin Spacey, AMERICAN BEAUTY


Tourists arriving in Southern California often confuse Hollywood stars with Beverly Hills.Many visitors come to Hollywood expecting to find a gleaming city filled with movie , posh restaurants, grand mansions and expensive shopping areas. They are, of course, very disappointed;  It is in Beverly Hills, not Hollywood, where many stars actually live, dine and shop.  

But what is Beverly Hills really like?

Beverly Hills is, above all, a small town for the wealthy. Less than six square miles in size, Beverly Hills is strictly a neighborhood of homes and shops. The city has churches, but it has no smokestacks; it has restaurants, but no industry; boutiques, but no billboards; parks, but no eyesores. There’s not even a hospital or a cemetery in the city to remind the residents of their mortality. It has been said that, technically, no one is born or dies in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills is a place for the fortunate to live in comfort, and to shop and dine at their leisure. It just so happens that many of these fortunate few are celebrities. On the city’s tree-lined streets, you’ll see more stretch limos, shining Mercedes-Benzes, and sleek Ferraris per square mile than at any other place on earth. Even the fireplugs in Beverly Hills are painted a gleaming silver. The city’s first mayor (back in 1926) was a celebrity: actor Will Rogers.

It is also a place where the wealthy can feel secure. The Beverly Hills police department prides itself on being able to respond to any call in less than a minute.

They don’t care much for pedestrians here. Of course, you are encouraged to stroll on Rodeo Drive’s commercial strip. But if you start roaming around the residential areas of the city on foot, chances are pretty good that you’ll be stopped by a Beverly Hills cop, who will check your ID, and generally make you feel as if you are intruding. In the past, minorities (especially African-Americans) have complained that they were routinely stopped by the police if they so much as drove down some Beverly Hills streets. Some say that is still the case today – let’s hope that the situation has improved.

This is a city where the pawn shops are called “collateral lenders,” and make quick loans on Mercedes and Ferraris instead of toasters. This is a city where some of the clothing stores require customers to make advance reservations to shop, and where shoppers may routinely drop $100,000 or more in a single visit to a boutique. A city where the post office offers valet parking. This town’s “Sister City” is none other than Cannes, France.

In between Wilshire and Sunset Boulevards, you will find what is sometimes called “The Golden Triangle,” bounded by Santa Monica Boulevard (on the northwest), Wilshire Boulevard (on the south), and Canon Drive (on the east). Within the “Golden Triangle” is a grid of seven smaller commercial streets filled with shops and restaurants. At the center of this triangle is none other than Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills’ fabled shopping avenue.

Beverly Hills is, undeniably, an extremely handsome neighborhood. Its commercial streets are immaculate and filled with exclusive boutiques and sophisticated shoppers. Its Civic Center is a gorgeous, mission-style landmark. Its residential thoroughfares are lined with multi-million dollar mansions, towering trees, and miles of manicured green lawns. This is how most people would probably like to live – if they could afford it. Just visiting beautiful Beverly Hills can lift your spirits.

While the homes south of Sunset Boulevard are handsome, most of the city’s truly spectacular mansions are located north of Sunset. If you ever wondered where to find the most expensive real estate in Southern California, look no further. The homes north of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills hold that title, beating out nearby Bel-Air and sunny Malibu. You will notice that (with the obvious exception of the Golden Triangle“) most of the homes and businesses south of Santa Monica Blvd are rather modest, by comparison.

Ironically, this same land once sold for less than $3 an acre, back in 1868, when the 3,600-acre Rancho La Rodeo de Agua was bought by a dentist. Of course, back then it was essentially a swamp.

  Some of star who studied in Beverly Hills:

 David Schwimmer (Ross on “Friends“), Jonathan Silverman (“The Single Guy“), Alicia Silverstone (“Clueless“), Richard Dreyfuss (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind“), Gina Gershon (“Bound“), Marlo Thomas (“That Girl“), Richard Chamberlain (“Dr. Kildare“), Rob Reiner (“All in the Family“), Betty White (“The Golden Girls“), Tori Spelling (“90210“), Carrie Fisher (“Star Wars“), singer/actor Shaun Cassidy, (“The Hardy Boys Mysteries“), Albert Brooks (“Mother“), Rhonda Fleming (“A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court“), Joel Grey (“Cabaret“), Lorraine Newman (“Saturday Night Live“), Julie Kavner (“Rhoda“), Joely Fisher (“Ellen“), Kelli Williams (“The Practice“), Antonio Sabato Jr. (“General Hospital“), singer Lenny Kravitz and conductor Andre Previn.

Nicolas Cage (“Con Air“) went here, even though his parents weren’t rich – he hated the school, and dropped out in the 11th grade (after passing the GED exam). Gina Gershon reports that she was surprised to find that the school offered surfing as a credit course…

On the negative side, the infamous Menendez brothers, Lyle and Erik, were students at Beverly Hills High, as was the focus of the Clinton sex scandal, Monica Lewinsky (although she left in 1990 at age 16 to attend an exclusive Bel-Air prep school.)

Even though it isn’t the shooting site for “Beverly Hills 90210,” the high school has still seen its fair share of movie cameras on campus…

  It’s A Wonderful Life” has become a Christmas classic, and part of that 1946 fantasy was shot here. Remember the scene where young Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are dancing at a high school prom, when a hidden swimming pool beneath them slides open, and the dancers fall into the water? Well, Frank Capra filmed that famous pool scene here at Beverly Hills High. (To be updated soon)

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