MNC in Kodaikanal, hill station, Tamilnadu, Dindugal district


I along with my family recently been to Kodaikanal. I drove the car from Bangalore to Kodai and Kodai to Bangalore back. It was a wonderful experience for me. Driving in one streatch about 600 KM is not a small job to do but I did. The route was Bangalore – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Dharmapuri – Salem – Namakkal – Karur – Dindugal – Sempatti – Batlagundu – Kodaikanal.  After this visit my perception about Tamilians changed. Entire 600 KM stretch I never had bad experience, every Tamilian whom we met were spoke to us very nicely. They guided us when ever we asked them. When we went to Kodai without doing the hotel reservation, we had difficult time to find the hotel room there. Beacause Sai Baba was there, his devotee’s from world over had come there to have the darshan of the Baba. In this back drop we had no room to stay at that night. But there at the Green Acre resort the receptionist vacated his office room and made the arrangements for us to sleep there at that night. That resort owner his name I think Arul ahmed (I have forgotten his name) instructed the staff not to charge for us for that night. Next morning we got the room in Carlton star hotel in front of the Kodai lake. We stayed there for 10 days. During this time we never ever had any bad experiences there.  

Starting Berjium lake, Coaker’s walk  to silent valley we visited all the places there, had a wonderful time at the lake when we went for the boating. The greenry, misty atmosphere at Kodai was wonderful. Vallies were breath taking, heart stoping such a deep one’s. When we were on the way back we started at 3.30 pm and reached Bangalore at 3 am in the early morning. It was raining, lightning, getting sleep, eyes were closing but in that situation also without taking long breaks I drove back to Bangalore safely. I stoped at few places to wash my face.


DSCN7291  DSCN7619



Tamil cinema star Surya was shooting there at the Carlton hotel. Sharada took a picture with him.


Ricky enjoying his stay at the Carlton hotel


Ricky enjoying boat ride at the Kodai lake. Kodai lake is such a place you will not get bored even if walk around the 7. 5 km stretch of the lake. If you can’t walk you can use cycles there. Cycle ride is a joyful there. The lake footpath is maintained so well that you don’t feel tired when you walk around the lake. There are few quite a big shots owns properties including hotels around the lake. Mr Vijay Mallya is one among them. Kodai international school is one of the big attraction place there. To go to Berjim lake you have to take the forest department permisssion.





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  1. Lovely post mate.
    Next time ensure you start early and reach home before dark. It is not safe driving with sleep. I usually start around 7Am from Kodaikanal and reach bangalore by 6 pm. Easier that way.

    you can see some of my kodaikanal pictures at
    Best regards

    • Thanks for your suggestion. We thought of staying at Salem, but we didn’t that one wrong decision made us to drive in the night. My son and wife slept. I drove the entire stretch without break. Next time I wont do that. When ever I stand before any god I thank him for saving me on that night. Definately I will visit yr site, will send my comments.

  2. nice posting

    nice collection

  3. Visit Kolli hills! You will love that also

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