Amish community in America

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Amish community in America is different on every point from American modernity:

America is a curious place; it is known to be engulfed by material pleasures and devoid of any serious religion. Yet there are several group scattered all over the country which are intensely very religious and keep themselves at a reasonable distance away from the material main stream. The Amish community is one among them. They are one one and half lacs of the people spread over different places of North America. Their way of life is astonishingly different from almost everything that goes on in America. They are like aliens in the foreign territory: yet they are thriving.

Look at their ways:

They never allow to be photographed. They hate camera. Publicity.

They never use motor cars: The horse buggy is their only mode of conveyance and transport.

They do not use public electricity. There are no lights, fans, gizzards, radio’s, tv, telephones, microwaves, vcr’s air conditioners, washing machines and mixers in their home. The light is from gas pressured lanterns.

They do not send their children to American – high schools. They have own schools.

They are basically farmers. No tractors, Ploughing  by horses only.

Their dress is quite different and immediately identifies them. Men’s head is covered by distinctive wide brimmed straw hats in summer black felt hats in winter. They have long hair. Shirts are pocket less. Belts are prohibited. Black is the dominant colour but dress shirts can be blue, purple, green and wine.  

Amish men grow beards when they get married. But the mustache is necessarily shaven.

Women also cover their heads with white Swiss organdy covering specially shaped.

I had been to this Amish community place in Pennsylvenia with Steev and Satya. It was scary experience. We went almost 600 km inside the rural area; the roads were confusing, no tar but not muddy roads.

I was shooting sitting inside the car, suddenly we noticed a Amish school, children were playing out side the school premises, as soon as they saw our vehicle and then my camera they all screamed and ran inside the class room. I saw the teacher scremaing kids to run, run inside. We did not stop there. We noticed lots of buggies in front of the houses of the Amish. There were three to four houses in a row when we traveled 10 to 15 distance. They hang their washed clothes outside. By seeing their buggi and clothes we can identify Amish houses. We visited one general store of the Amish there I found lots of pet animals.

We noticed two young girls running to hide when they heard the sound of our vehicle. Some men interrupted and questioned us. When they saw Steev they let us off. Nevertheless I shoot lots of visuals and took some pictures without their notice. When I was travelling from Detroit to Pennsylvenia I noticed a group of men and women who were standing at the busstand. I was curious to know who they are! were  looking different from others. When I asked them to to click a picture of them they declined and closed their faces and moved to other side of the bus stand. Then I became curious about this community and enquired others there. They said they are Amish. They are like touch me not community. Very orthodox, religious. When I visited Grand Valley in Pennslyvenia I got to know Amish are living in the surrounding areas, that region some where around 600 km inside rural America.  Then I decided visit the place. (To be continued)


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