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Epcot centre and Walt Disney characters
Epcot, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, opened in 1982. It was conceived by Walt Disney to “take its cue from the new ideas and new technologies that are now emerging from the creative centers of American industry.”

For many years Epcot was considered an ‘adult’ park. They worked hard to overcome this reputation and most have discovered that kids can have a blast visiting Epcot, including the ‘boring’ countries.

One of the best things they did was to introduce ‘kidcot’ stations at every venue. Kids can create a ‘free’ (yes, you read that right) souvenir to take home with them. The more spots they visit, the more they can add to their one of a kind creation. Additionally, you’ll find Disney characters associated with each country hosting meet and greets.

Epcot consists of two themed areas, Future World and World Showcase. Future World features attractions that focus on energy, communication, the land and our environment, the ocean, imagination, transportation and space exploration.

Spaceship Earth” located inside the iconic “golf ball” traces the history of communication. The “Universe of Energy” features Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy heading back to prehistoric times to find the origin of energy.

Over at “The Land” Epcot’s most popular ride “Soarin'” is found. Timon, Pumba and Simba are your hosts at the “Circle of Life” film and the “Living With The Land” boat ride takes you on a tour of greenhouses and fish-production.

The “Seas with Nemo and Friends ” is a fun filled trip into the underwater world of Nemo. The action centers around the 5.7 million gallon aquarium that is home to thousands of fish including sharks, sea turtles and dolphins. This pavilion features all of the characters from “Finding Nemo”. You can ride on “Clam-Mobiles”,  have fun with the hands-on activities, and you don’t want to miss “Turtle Talk with Crush”.

At “Imagination!” you can take a fun-filled look at the senses on your “Journey Into Imagination With Figment”. It’s rarely crowded and is a perfect ride for the days when the park is busy and you need a break.

The terrific 3-D film “Honey I Shrunk The Audience” transports you into the zany world of professor Wayne Szalinski, famous for “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”. Just be warned, there are some scary elements so it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Test Track” takes you on an unforgettable ride. This is a great attraction but it does have a well deserved reputation for intermittent delays.

Mission Space” simulates a realistic launch into space as you and your crew pilot your capsule to Mars. There are two versions so choose wisely. If you have the slightest inclination towards motion sickness, pick the tamer option.

Innoventions is a “mish-mosh” of sorts with different hands-on activities featuring the latest technology. There are two locations “East and West” and you’ll often find that they aren’t very crowded.

Centered around a beautiful reflective lagoon is Epcot’s “World Showcase”. Each country features entertainment, dining and shopping unique to their culture. This is also where the ‘boring’ part for kids kicks in. Take advantage of the kidcot stops and think twice about some of the movies at several of the countries. If your little guy balks after one of them, they don’t get better at the others. All isn’t lost, in Mexico and Norway there are boat rides that kids will definitely like and most everyone enjoys the ‘street’ performers scheduled throughout the day.

Every evening Epcot presents “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth“. This is well worth waiting for and is the perfect way to end your day.

One of the absolute best features of this park is how wide open and expansive it is. If you’re feeling hemmed in at the other theme parks, hop on a boat, bus or monorail and get yourself to Epcot


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